Cherished Memories

Friday, March 31, 2006

hi baby,

i am sorry for not writing all these days. Bt i'll try to keep this upto date now.

Ek to aj ap pehle mujse naraz hui thi dopahar me mere yahi nai likhne ki vajah se, to muje bi thoda kharab laga bt fir apne sham ko apne se phn kiya to muje bhut acha laga.aur apki pyari si awaz sunke mera mud apne ap thik ho gaya. Apki har farmaish mai puri karna chahta hu,par kuch na kuch to mai gadbad karta hi hu.

Bt i feel vry lucky that i ve got u in my life.yeh zarur mere kai ache kamo ka nateeza hai pichle janamo ke.i hope u also belive in all this. im abit orthodox and superstitious u can say that bt i do these thngs until they dont create problems otherwise im flexible also so u need not worry too much.

newys nothng special happened 2day other than that ki u said dat u kno wat ur fallin into which means alot to me.atleast i cud make it my darling biwi keep it dis way....coz it means alot to me as i luv u very very much.i cant xpress it in words.each day i find myself more closer to u, more attached to u.i simply wont b abl 2 liv w/o u.

Friday, March 17, 2006

hi ashu

i dint do nythng special today.....jst a regular day.hamesha ki tarah im missin u.tum thaki bhi thi dats y dint ask u to talk to me for sometime.ap thakoge to ho hi, itni mehnat karte ho ap.chote se baby ho mere.din me aj padai ki maine.thoda RC ka dekha aur quant kiya......medha added me on orkut 2day.use mujse dar tha ki kahi im still not that arrogant brat that i used to be.sachi even i dint knew dat i was such a bad character hopefully kuch to betterment hai ab sure abt dat......newys dont ve much to say abt wait until tomorrow.....

hopin it is another blessed day of my life..bye for now....

Thursday, March 16, 2006

so another day comes to an end............................

im not feelin vry gud today as manjulika has gone bak to gorakhpur.badi ajeeb si feelin hai.pata hai ki use to jana hi tha aur filhal how imp it is for her rite still i ve bcum vry greedy it seems.

thodi tension bhi ho rahi hai ab kal se muje bhi serious padai shuru karni hai.holi ki sab masti khatam.ab padai me lagna hai muje bhi puri tarah.pata nai bhagwan kaha leke jayenge.chalo hopin for the best n wishin well for evrybody lets see what's in store for me tomorrow........

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


today i got to kno abt this site.being vry honest im not at all gud at i do want to write in this. i ve decided to write some of my best memories here past as well as wud be an insight into my beware the person readin this might get a shock.

today i had a blast playin holi wid my of my bhabhi started a new thng.she tore away the t shirts of all the brother in laws of her(i.e.all the boys were stripped literally).it was quite embarassing bt we enjoyed it was fun.i had lots n lots of ghujiyas n malpuas today.sach meetha na hota to kya hota......

today was also a beautiful day for me in more sense than one.for this i wud thank that someone special in my life.she really makes my day.she spoke to me wid such affection 2day,that it made me love her more n i missed her while playin holi wud ve been fun to apply rang on her cute cheeks.newys that time will surely a heart kal use jana bhi hai.its not a gud feelin.wat shud i do man.comon ashu u kno she is gonna read all actually im findin this interstin.writin here is like im tellin myself wat happened wid me today.its cool.

manjulika thnks baby i kno u cre for me more than nyone.alwz be thr for me.