Cherished Memories

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


today i got to kno abt this site.being vry honest im not at all gud at i do want to write in this. i ve decided to write some of my best memories here past as well as wud be an insight into my beware the person readin this might get a shock.

today i had a blast playin holi wid my of my bhabhi started a new thng.she tore away the t shirts of all the brother in laws of her(i.e.all the boys were stripped literally).it was quite embarassing bt we enjoyed it was fun.i had lots n lots of ghujiyas n malpuas today.sach meetha na hota to kya hota......

today was also a beautiful day for me in more sense than one.for this i wud thank that someone special in my life.she really makes my day.she spoke to me wid such affection 2day,that it made me love her more n i missed her while playin holi wud ve been fun to apply rang on her cute cheeks.newys that time will surely a heart kal use jana bhi hai.its not a gud feelin.wat shud i do man.comon ashu u kno she is gonna read all actually im findin this interstin.writin here is like im tellin myself wat happened wid me today.its cool.

manjulika thnks baby i kno u cre for me more than nyone.alwz be thr for me.


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