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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

hi $weetu..........

2day is a vry imp day for me.u really made me so happy that i cant tell u.u made my day yar.

atleast start hi sahi par apne mana to sahi ki u love me.n promise i wont ever break ur trust.mai hamesha apko bhut bhut bhut bhut zada pyar karunga.ab kal ke liye best of luck n ap relaxd rehna.tumse acha koi nai hai so ve confidence in urself.u can pass ny obstacle.

luv u baby n ab to ap so gaye hoge so :o :o on ur cheeks.soiye aram se n sachi aj ka din mere liye bhut acha raha.ap bhut pyare ho.......gnite.$.$.$.$.$.d. n tk vry vry gud cre of my darling wife.....


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